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Healthy thoughts – healthy relations | cont.

What do you think of this phrase?
«What matters is not the event, but what we think of the event»

Our relationships are impacted every day with the way we think about the event. What they tell us, what they do to us and even what, they don’t tell us.

Our thoughts are not isolated, they are intimately connected to our feelings.

If our thoughts are healthy, positive and functional our feelings and our behaviors will also be.

God gives us the answer:
“But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; against such things there is no law. » Galatians 5: 22-23

Do you want to have the right word, healthy feelings and adequate behavior?
Let’s take our thoughts to Christ! Let the Holy Spirit take control of our whole being (thoughts, emotions and behavior)

That the Word of God governs our thinking and controls our feeling.
What can we do to control our thoughts?

There are many techniques that you can learn today I want to give you one:.

Change the internal conversation!

Learn to respond to these codes to those conclusions to those thoughts that seem absolute and true but that are contributing to the deterioration of your relationships. Learn to respond with evidence that compete with that thought.

For example if you think that nobody loves you.… You can say “it is impossible for anyone in the whole world to love me,“ make a list of people who have shown you in your life: your mother, your grandmother, an aunt …

The most powerful responses of all are those that have a biblical basis. Remember the example of Jesus Christ to be tempted by Satan, every answer he gave began with the same phrase: «written is.» For example you can say: «It is not true that nobody loves me because» … «The Bible says that he loved me despite being a sinner» (Romans 5: 8) «The Bible says that I love me so much that it gave me unique your son for me” John 3:16

You never underestimate the power of having time reading the Bible, meditating on her and praying.
In the Christian language we have a name to that activity, that discipline is called devotional.

That daily devotional time in which you mediate in his word, that moment of prayer in which you recognize who he is and verbalize his attributes, are your best weapons to replace your thoughts with the thought of God.
It is prophylaxis for your mind and for your soul!
I invite you to trust God and His Word, He is trustworthy!

«Because I know the thoughts I have about you, says Jehovah, peace thoughts, and not bad, to give you the end you expect.» Jeremias 29:11 (RVR1960)


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