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Healthy thoughts, healthy relationships.

Healthy thoughts, healthy relationships.

When you live difficult moments suddenly assaults you a gray thought: «¿God forgot about me?»

Did you know that our thoughts

Do you influence what you feel and how do you act? This affects the way you relate.

One day at work someone does not answer the greeting … and you think:

«He does not care about me»

How do you feel? What attitude do you have towards that person?

Your husband does not answer the call … you think:

«He doesn’t love me anymore»

What do you feel? What do you do?

Your child behaves badly…. You think

«It’s my fault»

You know … there is an unpleasant emotion and an attitude towards your child that can be not very effective or not healthy.

Our brain handles hundreds of thoughts per minute, some identify them and others …

The vast majority of them failed to capture them.

They are fast, they are powerful and can govern our emotions and our behaviors.

The God who made us

He gave us tools to handle our thoughts, in his word we find beautiful versicures such as:

«Towning up arguments and all haughty that rises against the knowledge of God, and carrying every thought to obedience to Christ,»

2 Corinthians 10: 5 RVR1960

I invite us to take a few weeks to learn about the importance of our thoughts

and its influence on our relationships.

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